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Bubble + WooCommerce?

I’m working on an app that will connect sellers to buyers. Thus, there will be an e-commerce component with a need to split payment 3 ways - seller, platform (me), and a 3rd party. (Actually, I guess it’s 4-way considering the payment processor’s cut.)

Since I have a bit of experience with the WooCommerce REST API, I’ve been considering the possibility of using it to process payments instead of “reinventing the wheel” by building the payment functionality in Bubble. (Not sure if actually storing the products in WooCommerce makes sense though.)

I’d like to keep as much functionality in Bubble as possible - mostly for scalability and maintainability. I’ve net yet built a complete app in Bubble, let alone integrated split payments, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m up against.

Has anyone done anything like this? Might it be better in the long run to build the split payment functionality using Bubble?


From what I’ve read the stripe plugin has a functionality build in to split payments, so you might wanna try that out if you consider using stripe.

Hello Steve, nice to meet you! I just want to see if you had any luck using WooCommerce REST API in Bubble since your post? Both are new concepts to me but seem very promising.

I want to build a new interface/app to create and edit orders manually, but I also want to keep running WooCommerce. Is this possible by using the REST API?

Any insight would be helpful. Thank you!

— Wallace

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Absolutely, it’s totally possible. I’ve done it. While I didn’t use WooCommerce for the Bubble project referenced in this post, it might make sense if you already run a WC store and/or wish to create a custom UI and/or integrations for WC. The WC API is pretty well documented, so it’s just a matter of creating a Bubble plug-in (or using the API connector) to interface with Bubble.

Hi guys,

I’m toying with the API connector and Woocommerce APi but i have this 401 connexion error and i’m stuck. I’m new to API world.

Here is my set up, is there something wrong here ?

A 401 means unauthorized. You’ll have to authenticate with the WooCommerce REST API first.

Thx for the quick answer…

Just to be sure, isn’t the HTTP Basic Auth fields of the API Connector purpose to authenticate with the Woo API ?

Are you sure the keys are correct and that the associated user on the WP side has the appropriate permissions?

Looks like you’re trying to list WC orders, but if the user associated with those keys doesn’t have permission to view orders, you’ll get a 401 I believe.

I double checked, user associated is admin so it’s should not be an issue.

The only other thing that comes to mind at the moment is that the docs do state that some servers don’t parse the auth header correctly…

Occasionally some servers may not parse the Authorization header correctly (if you see a “Consumer key is missing” error when authenticating over SSL, you have a server issue). In this case, you may provide the consumer key/secret as query string parameters instead.

…so maybe try sending the keys as qs params to see if that’s the issue.

EDIT: FWIW, I believe I had to do this for a couple WP sites.

(You could also test using postman or similar before implementing in Bubble.)

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Thx for your help ! i tested on another woo install and it works like a charm.

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Glad to hear you’re moving forward! :+1:

If the working installation is on a different host (or perhaps just a different plan with the same most), that suggests that simply adding the credentials to the URL (as query string parameters) will work for the original installation.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello I am just starting a new project : I already have a Woocomemrce Webstore and I want to build an App using Bubble and BDK Native APP. I have made some test but right now I am nor happy with the API Rest peformance. It take more than 3 minutes to display data from the rest Api connector. The API Response time is correct but Bubble take times to display the data. Did you have the same issue ?

No, I did not. Performance was fine. What’s the performance of your WordPress site in general?

It’s very Good. and the rest API response time is less than 500 ms.

As a troubleshooting step, have you tried hitting the endpoint with Postman or similar? That might give some indication whether the performance issue is with Bubble or your site.

Yes I Did and the response time of the API is Good around 500/600 ms. The rendering on bubble take times.

Ah, ok. Sorry, I didn’t realize that’s what you meant in your previous post. In that case, I’m not sure what to suggest. The performance issue might have something to do with your workflow logic and/or it might be a Bubble platform issue - perhaps just a temporary one.

What data are you retrieving, and how are you displaying it in Bubble?

@guillaume.devaux friend, could you show how the call to the WC api was on your Bubble panel?

I’ve tried several times and it always returns error 403. :sob:

Thank you!

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Hi @guillaume.devaux I also need to view the successful WC API authentication and other call. I got 401 error