Work unit optimization: Does Conditional Checks Eat Up Work Units

So I have. a database of things called “Papers”. Each one of these papers as a integer called “step”. Here is a series of steps tell me if the conditional eats up a work unit.

  1. When the page is loaded it automatically has the thing (paper) sent to the page from the previous call.

  2. I then run a check on the pages paper to check the step.


Because the page already has the “thing” loaded. Does it still eat up the work unit for searching the database even though I have it preloaded in the page as an item.

If you search the database, it will eat up no matter what. If the page has the thing, it will eat less of course to keep it updated. See the two items below:

It is listed over here if you want to check more: What contributes to workload? | Bubble Docs

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If you are navigating to the same page, the page is not really loading again and so the page thing should not need to be fetched from server again.

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