Video on Demand Feature : Where to stock videos?


I am working on a project with a video on demand feature which allows my app users to upload their videos on the app.

I don’t think uploading videos on Bubble is a good idea but I am not sure which service provider to us ?

I would like to easily allow my app user to upload their videos and as easily get access to their videos as data source in my app.

Do you have an idea on service and/or plugin to use ?

Probably AWS but not 100% sure.

Thanks in advance

For video there are multiple services out there. You can easily find by searching online.

I will share, I think I found some of them.

I would use Mux. @pork1977gm has a pretty good plugin for it

I use Vimeo, if you want 25% off of a plan, let me know. I can send you a referral to your email.

I upload it from Bubble and display it easily using the video element. :blush:

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There are loads of options, and which one is right for you depends on many factors…

But I can definitely vouch for Vimeo (I use them currently for all my video needs across several apps).

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Thanks for your replies.

I will have a look at Mux.

@adamhholmes does your app allow your users to upload their own videos, build librairies and organize them ?

With Vimeo I am afraid it will be hard to manage but I will have a closer look at it.

Yeah, Vimeo is simple to work with - although I’m not too sure why any specific video service should be any easier or harder to manage than any other…?

Personally, I’d handle things like libraries, and organising videos in Bubble, regardless of what service I was using for hosting/encoding/delivery etc.

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Hey @Newman :wave:

All you would be doing is saving the Vimeo ID into your database. You would let your users organize them the way you want depending on how you set your database up. That’s what Bubble does so amazingly well. :blush:

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