Workflow Action Value Dropdown - Missing Elements

New to Bubble - One thing I don’t understand is why elements don’t show up in the Workflow Action Value Dropdown List. For example I have a page (test3). On that page I have a group with two repeating groups - each with an input element in them.

In the element tree for the page I see the elements listed:


But in the workflow action, when I’m setting the value of the element as page, and I display the dropdown list, I see the Group E and both Repeating Groups, but I don’t see the Input elements. And when I want to get the value Current Cell’s Text, it doesn’t show up in the list either.

Is there something I’m not doing right?


You can’t access values of things inside repeating groups, from outside the repeating group. That’s why you’re not seeing them as options in the dropdowns.

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Interesting - Thanks - Didn’t know that.

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