Value of an input element in a repeating group not passing to workflow

Hi folks,

I have a repeating group with an input element inside it, a workflow that triggers upon change to that input element. All that works fine, except the value fo the input element doesn’t get passed to the workflow. Below for info…

The repeating group (no values):


Upon changing the value, the workflow triggers:

However, the input’s value is always empty… seen during breakpoint and during inspection.


I feel like I’m missing something simple. Appreciate any help?


Hi there. Really hoping I’m doing something simple + wrong here, but would appreciate if someone could take a quick peek at this and tell me I’m crazy? I’m OK being crazy. /smile

Thanks for any help, it’s greatly appreciated. This one’s got me stuck.

For whatever it’s worth to anyone who may or may not be listening here… I just re-tested my solution (haven’t touched it since this thread) and it’s working fine. I’m guessing Bubble may have fixed a bug or something. Hopefully this means I’m not entirely crazy.

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Spoke too soon. Stopped working today. Half back to working. Very strange behavior.

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