Workflow API not in initialization mode! Bubble <> Parabola


Would love to get your help.

I am having trouble integrating Bubble and Parabola.

In Bubble

  • I have created an API endpoint in Bubble (see pic)
  • Endpoint Workflow API, Data API in settings, have been marked ‘yes’
  • API key generated for parabola

In Parabola

  • I have written the ‘send to API’ can in Parabola with the right ‘/initialize’ endpoint (see pic)
  • Bearer token is set correctly

But I still get the error ''Workflow API not in initialization mode" when I run ‘Detect data’ in Bubble & run live version in Parabola.

I have gone through the other posts in this forum, but I don’t yet find the answer I need.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

Still struggling to POST data. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Bumping to top. Thanks!

Any solution @ashram ? :slight_smile: