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Workflow API root URL modification

Hello Bubble Community,

I have a following use case:
I can expose a public Workflow API called “get-availabilities” that has an action “Return data from API” it is a JSON response that in bubble root URL format is accessed on the following Workflow API root URL + workflow api name

but I have to add a path segment /1/ like following:

renaming the api workflow to “1/get-availabilities” is not possible since "/"is not allowed

Anyone has any idea how to do insert or redirect to that specific target URL where the Workflow API response action is initiated?

This is the API System’s requirement on how it want to send and receive requests on URLs:

So that /1/ added to Workflow API root URL makes the public GET API endpoint name “lost”:

{“statusCode”:404,“body”:{“status”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“Workflow not found 1”}}