Workflow Custom State

I’ve created a workflow (using Set State Custom event) to update a textbox value when a dropdown value changes. Everything seems to work correctly except the value doesn’t get “permanently” set into the textbox when the workflow events are completed. I assume this is by design?

Is there some other action/event I should be doing after the set state event is performed to complete the update? Or should I be using a different action/event instead of the Set State Custom event to set the textbox value so that it will be in the field when the workflow finishes?

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I ran into this recently and unfortunately don’t have a conclusion (yet). My theory is that if a textbox is updated by anything other than a user directly inputting a value, that input isn’t seen as a ‘change’ for it to autobind or get captured via a workflow. My other theory is just that since the workflow steps don’t trigger specifically in order, that it was capturing the value before it had even updated. I’d love it if you do find the solution, or if anyone else reading these has thoughts!

When working with other tools in the past, I’ve had to trigger the change using a button hidden on the screen. I tried that earlier but wasn’t successful. But I may not have had it coded correctly.

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If you have some state, let’s call it my-text-state and you have a text element wherein you have a dynamic expression that references that state - e.g., dynamic data > whatever element’s my-text-state - whenever the custom state updates, you will see that reflected in the text element. (If the text element is fully visible, isn’t cropping, etc. etc.)

Is that what you’re doing? Because it sounds like you aren’t.

The text element doesn’t have a dynamic expression in it. The dropdown field does have a dynamic expression in it to load the value into the dropdown field when the page loads.

So why do you say this? My question is rhetorical of course, because now you know the problem.