Simple Text Change?

I want to change the value of a text element on a button click but this really does not seem like a simple process. I have created a workflow associated with the button click which in Step 1 sets the state of the Text to a new custom state which has the new value but the text doesnt change. Help!!

Hi @marcoforte8

Your text must be linked to the value of your custom state. So changing the custom state you change the text.

Your text element must have a dynamic value such “myText’s value”

I have clicked to choose the dynamic value of the text element but the custom state defined in the workflow does not appear as an option to choose and when I hand type it in it disappears. Hw do I define a persistent custom state that I can then choose in the drop down of the elements dynamic value setting and then also use in the workflow?


Hi there, @marcoforte8… just a quick heads up… when you are trying to access a custom state in order to include it in an expression, you must first select the page/element with which the custom state is associated, and then you will be able to select the custom state.


There is no page associated with the custom state as it was only created in the workflow. I cant select a page without the workflow disappearing. I cant see any options on the design page to declare a custom state (no elements or properties of the textbox to set the custom state). If the custom state is a persistent variable from the workflow then how does the textbox set to the text value. There is no option under the textbox properties dynamic data to create a custom state and the dynamic data drop down does not display the custom state defined in the workflow.
Screenshot below from the inspect shows workflow and inspect:

Sorry - sorted. Confused myself by naming the element Text. Apologies

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