Workflow problem with imputs

I dont have options like ‘Input password’s value.’ or ‘Input email’s value.’ when im trying to add something to my workflow. What should I do?

Hi there, @berniii… I assume you are building your signup/login functionality, but you are going to need to share a lot more information (including screenshots) about what you are doing and how you have done it if you want someone to try to help.


when i click to add an action, sign the user up, in the field ‘email’ i click the ‘click’ button it doesnt show me any options with ‘imput … value’

Do you have an input element on the page that has its Content format set to Email?

It’s difficult to try to help without being able to see what you are doing… share some screenshots.

i dont have that option either

You don’t have what option? If you don’t want to share some screenshots, we’re pretty much done here.

an option that says Content format set to Email, and i uploaded a ss

I’m not sure why you are signing the user up when a log in button is clicked, but it’s still impossible to know what’s going on. You need to share a lot more screenshots that show the design of your page and the elements on it or you can share a view-only link to your editor.

I just wanna know how to get the ‘imput (something) value’ opotions when im adding an action in my workflow

in the shown searchbar

here are all my available options

I already asked if you have an input element on the page that has its content format set to Email. You said you don’t have that option, but it’s not an option… it’s an element on the page.

You really should consider taking a step back and working through Bubble’s tutorials and watching some videos because Bubble’s learning curve is steep, and what you are trying to do is very basic. If you can’t get a sign up workflow in place, you are really going to struggle to get up that learning curve.

i dont have an element that has its content format set to email

i do now

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