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Sign the user up via email + social network

Hello all,

I am a newbie and I have some questions regarding account registration.

I want to sign the user up when a button is clicked. I have read the documentation but I cannot find the choice “Input email’s value” for email field. I don’t find also the choice “Input password’s value” for the password field. Here are the options I have :

1st question : How can I find the choices Input email’s value and Input password’s value ?
EDIT : I found that I have to use the input form from the design to have these options so my first question is answered :slight_smile:

2nd question : Is it possible when clicking on this button to let the user choose between registration via email and registration via LinkedIn ?

Last question : Can we find “ready to use” workflows and build our custom workflows without starting from scratch ?

Thank you for your help !

2nd question: Simple answer is to have two buttons. One for sign up with linked in and one for sign up with the input form. This is pretty standard practice as no one would enter in an email and password and then click “sign up with linked in”. If you’re asking something else, please explain further
Last question: When you say “find” do you mean from somewhere else on the internet that someone else has created or are you asking if you can just create a custom workflow that you create once and then copy to various places in your app? If the second, then yes. Just click to add an event and then choose “create custom event”

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Thanks a lot paul, you answered my questions!

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