Delete uploaded files

While using File Uploader, I noticed files are uploaded to

  1. Is there any way to delete files previously uploaded there?

  2. Is there any way to upload files elsewhere via Bubble? Let’s say I already have a specific hosting company. Can I use some Plugin to make users upload files directly there?

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Anyone? Any comment would be appreciated.

You could do that in javascript with ajax, then use the returned url in Bubble.

Thanks for your reply. That´s a bit out of my league for now, but as I improve I´ll try it.

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Hi @ssmusic3 - I noticed and had the same question this week while playing with the image uploader and multi file uploader plugins.

Both instantly upload the file to the database without any workflow needed to store them as a ‘thing’.

The workflow action you are looking for to get rid of these source files is:
Data (Things) > Delete an Uploaded file > Enter in File’s URL

And then all you have to do is pass the value of the newly uploaded file and it will be erased from the Database.

EG: If you had a simple picture uploader, you could put a button below it and use this workflow to erase the file from the database.



Thanks Mitch! I’ll try it

@ssmusic3 You may have already seen this but just incase, the Bubble team recently added a File Manager in the Bubble Editor’s Data Tab. You can now delete files manually there :slight_smile:


No, I didn’t know about it. Thanks a lot fayewatson! :grinning:

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

If you want to delete more than one file which was uploaded, do you have to schedule an API workflow to remove say 5 or 6 in one go?

Just click beside each file you’d like delete as shown above by @fayewatson, or click above the list to select all and unclick any you may not want deleted.

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@pork1977gm If you want to do this through a workflow, and those 5 or 6 files are stored in fields, I think it would be best to schedule an API workflow which first deletes the file URL, and then sets the field where the file was stored to empty. (I personally haven’t tested that before, so I’m not 100% sure but I think it would work!)

If the files aren’t yet stored to a file or image field (they’re just in the multfileuploader, for example), you could have six delete file actions, back to back, and then trigger a workflow to reset the uploader once the delete file actions are complete. That might be a bit faster than scheduling the API workflow on the list.

Thanks for that @fayewatson and @gnelson, makes sense. As soon as the File Manager became available, I realised just how many images I had uploaded over the past months! I have workflows to remove listings and that, but they were not removing any files uploaded (and I hadn’t thought about that before). Scheduling an API workflow to then remove the actual uploaded files associated to a listing seems to work well, keeps things clean then and I got the uploader resetting to :slight_smile:

It’s a shame actually there is no option in any of the uploaders which allow for you to filter on either images/videos (for me that’s a thing) and also if I had the choice of NOT uploading straight to S3 as soon as you select any files (say you wanted the files put into a custom state list instead which was used as a data source in an RG for example… for speedy’ness) and then perhaps a new workflow for uploading them on the click of a button (maybe it says Confirm/Upload or something) or whenever you liked… if that makes sense!

Hi @Pork1977gm .
If I got you right, this may be plugin you are looking for:

Both service and plugin are paid, but it allows you to save/edit and future work with all images.
The demo page is here:

That’s very helpful thank you @karel

How did you manage this in a list? I replicated your example except because my file URL is list of texts it won’t allow me to do this. Is your above example for singular files rather than a list? Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 16.21.24

Am i missing something?

you can do a backend workflow on a list

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I understand that bubble only allows to delete files one by one, is there not a way to delete a singular file from a list or is the backend workflow the only way?

you can delete a singular file from a list…use the item# to specify which item number you want to delete

however, you talked about deleting a list, so in that case do the backend workflow on a list…it deletes each thing one at a time until there are no more in the list

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