Workflow to prevent user from going back to a page via browser's back button

Is it possible to have a checkbox (in the workflow: “go to page”) - so that we can prevent users, from using the browsers back button and going back to the current page?

Specific use case:
I have a log in/sign up sequence on its own page. When a user clicks “log in” or “sign up” they will then be taken to the apps main page.

However: in the unlikely (yet possible) event that they wish to click the “back button” > I have seen in the development environment that this can trigger a series of bugs relating to the “current user” ( as to whether the current user is signed in or not).

I don’t want users to be able to click the back button and go back to the sign up/login page (once they are logged in) - there is no reason for them to go back there.

I have found work arounds - but they are more hacky than I would like…

I observed that Facebook integrates this behavior:
You will find that, on Facebook - once you click login (from the login page) you will be taken to the homepage. From there you cannot click back - to go back to the login.
The page will just refresh - and you will stay on the homepage.

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After reading this it made me thing of similar issues with OAuth, so I have added the “Prevent Back Button”

----------------- A10-1 -------- OAuth Redirect Repair


Can we use only the function Prevent Back Button?


Im nearly done building out a nice new home for them, so for now head to the link above, The price is $10 aud, this is a one off cost with no monthly charges or extra’s as new features become available.

At purchase you define you app name, say its then just provide yourapp With all of my plugins you get a second Authorization for free that is named yourapp-backup for A/B testers. You will also find a transfer button there, this is so you can transfer your plugin’s license to another app and this can be done as many times as you like.

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Yes you certainly can.

all done, thank you very much for the support!