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Hi guys,

My app is a jobs site. I’ve added a button which runs a search for “Jobs” which have an “expiry date < current date/time”. It then changes that Jobs “Status” to the text “Expired”.

That first part works great, but I would then like to send the “User” that created that “Job” an email to let them know it is expired. Here is what I’ve got so far but not working. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

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Not sure if it is still the case with sendgrid special characters:

If not must be your Do Search for. Don’t see other stuff here.

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Just the computer I’m using that doesn’t display them. All my other workflow emails start with this greeting and work fine.

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maybe this gives a whitespace or something…

and you want to first add :first item and then the email.

search for users:first item,email

You can only send 1 email and not to a list. If you want to do that you have to schedule a API workflow on a list

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Thanks so much for your help. Ah, I see! So this could be the issue. I’m trying to trigger an email to ALL users who meet the set conditions. Do I need to do this via an API workflow and how would I set that up as I would need to pass the data from the page workflow to the API workflow in order for Bubble to work out who to send an email to?

Yes you could use a API workflow.

in your setting you have to check this setting:

Then you can go to the api workflows to setup a new endpoint. here you can set parameters in this case a user.

and then in your workflow you can schedule a api workflow on a list of users.

So the list to run will be the list of users and the api workflow will run for all the users. so In the endpoint you only have to make one email and it will be send to every user.

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