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Hello there,

Please i have an app that requires users to book items and I want the app to automatically send the users a reminder email 7 days before the order expires.

I am having difficulty doing that on Bubble. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you

I don’t have access to Bubble right now so will try to describe what you need to do with words only.

For this you will need to create an API Workflow (paid feature). Let’s call this API workflow send_reminder. Read up in the forums/reference about API workflows if you haven’t used them before.

Your send_reminder API Workflow will need a parameter, probably for the Order in this case. Let’s call this parameter pOrder and make it of type Order. Add a step in the API Workflow to send an email to the owner of pOrder’s email address.

Back on your page, where you set the expiry date for an order (presumably on order creation), add a workflow step to schedule an API workflow (Send Reminder) and set pOrder to the order you just created. Set the scheduled date to the order’s expiry date +days(-7).


@louisadekoya Thank you. I appreciate you taking time to explain this. I’ll definitely give it a try. I am currently on a free plan, so i’ll have to switch to paid plan and try it out. I hope you’d be available to assist then.

Thank you

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I have been battling with this for a while now and still cant get it to work. Could i have missed something? Because emails do not get sent at the schedule time or date at all. I have followed the steps carefully and still not working.

Kindly help

Hey @tobiloba.adebola,

Creating and scheduling API workflows is one of the most powerful features that Bubble offers today, and you can certainly tackle scheduling emails in the future. Here’s a quick overview of how to schedule emails:

Setting up the API

  1. Setup an API workflow that has a text parameter

  2. Add an action in that API workflow to ‘Send email’ with the Email Address field set to the text parameter

Scheduling the API

  1. Add the ‘Schedule an API workflow’ action under Workflows > Custom Events on a user-facing page

  2. Select the API workflow you setup above and provide an email address in the text parameter

  3. Set the scheduled date to the date that you’ll need, such as a week before expiry

You can add as many actions as you’d like in the API workflow you created, so you can do more than just send an email. To make it even more robust, add more parameters (like User, Order, etc.) to access them throughout the API workflow for actions like sending text messages and even scheduling other API workflows.

If you still need more help, feel free to book a one-on-one session with us and we can take it from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You so much. This solved half of the problem. Still trying to figure the rest

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