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Workflows not collecting data properly

Have anyone noticed today that workflows that were created “today” are not working as it should? or it is just me imagining things?

I don’t see any changes, I guess some site secret “feature” you got :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi @Maks thanks a lot for taking the time to check it out and respond to support me, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

after couple of hours losing my mind, I decided to do something I never did before, which is (using the debugger… step by step) and there I found the potential reason, which is something also I didn’t know until now

the issue is a privacy rule was set on the data field I was trying to send to another page, which prevents the data field to be used in the workflow, yet when I did add it to the database manually it was showing “which was the cause that drove me crazy” :smiley:


Hi, @ahmed.khodeir.87 I’m happy that you start using debugger :slight_smile:
I use that always when writing code ))
Sometimes really helpful.

By the way, I write my site and found some king mystery “feature”. You can look if you wanna.

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@Maks , Saw the video, you killed me at the end when you said " Something not good I think" :smiley: LOL!! you feel my pain and I felt your pain in that video :smiley: LOL!

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@ahmed.khodeir.87, Yeah, “I think” in my 16-th It’s my the most often used phrase “Something not good” :hugs:

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it just presented the feeling I have loud and clear thats why I related and found it so funny :smiley:

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I see.

@ahmed.khodeir.87, I look for first time It every style element in editor… And I found that issue ))
“Today is not good day, today is great day”

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