Form not being saved to db

Hello everyone.

When I send a form to be posted into database using workflow it does not save.

Checking the steps in debug mode it shows that all data are right but when I check into the database it is not there.

I am in a different branch and I added new fields in this branch.

Is it a versioning problem since there are no errors in the workflow steps? Or, there are some sort of database config that I dont know? I have checked and the new fields are there. I dont know.

Thank you :smiley:

Hi Elias, my first guess is a privacy rules issue. I am open to help if you need it.

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Thank you for reply. Checking the privacy rules it seen having no rule setted yet.

Can you please share your database structure and your workflow steps?

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You can share the app if possible so the community can help easily.


Product table:


This is odd. This is happening even when you run your workflow step-by-step using the debugger?

Yes, I do not know why.

I have a similar form for editing the product and works normally.

As you see above I am showing the workflow, step-by-step.

We could help better if you share the editor link if possible

I have no idea how to do it and if there are any security issue.

For future search.

The problem is fixed. I sent the error to bubble support and they told me that the error was in the latitude and longitude form that was giving error when creating the google address.

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