Working with custom states in RG cells

what I have so far

I am recording work experiences. I am auditing the data. I have data grouped by date and then another qualifier, “type of experience”. based on the groupings I also do some calculations
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I have used maestro to trigger a workflow to do create 17 values per cell held in a group’s custom_state based on the data submitted by the user

in step 7/8 a value is set for ‘adjusted hours’ based on calculations done in step 1/2/3/4/5/6. not a problem.

the problem

then in step 9 i want to sum the adjusted hours across experience types but still grouped by month. I cant figure out how to group and sum the values from each cells group “states_to_use” custom_state.

Each cell in the RG has a ‘states_to_use’ group simply to hold states.

The value on the far right is the adjusted_experience_based_on_supervised_hours

I want to sum these by month.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 10.24.05 AM

@keith Is this something that listShifter could be used for?

I basically need to iterate over the RG and say for each cell where month and setting are equal, sum the value from that cells “states_to_use’s adjusted_experience_based_on_supervised_hours” and save that value to each relevant “states_to_use_monthly_adjusted_hours_across_experience_types”

I am trying to replicate this from excel. the issue is that the adjusted_hours_across_experience_types is in a row objects state and not the DB

Hello, i use a plugin called RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk)

This plugin allows you to extract the data from a repeating group to be able to use it in calculations. To my knowledge it is not possible without any plugin or coding involved. You would then be able to create a text element which would be something along the lines of

“reapting group A’s list of states:sum”

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Thanks for your response. I will keep trying but it looks like this is what I need.

I also need to reference row 1 to do row 2’s computations. to do a cumulative sum of the adjusted hours.

If you have already been using the maestro plugin to trigger the workflows you can use it again to extract the values or perhaps try the Satellite plugin.

I’ve used both plugins extensively recently in a project that required repeating groups within reusable elements to speak to the page, as well as other repeating groups in other reusable elements and it works well.

I don’t know off hand exactly which method would work best for you but, I believe with the Satellite plugin you’d want to put an antenna on your page and a satellite into the repeating group so that the repeating group cell can send the data to the antenna on the page.

I also do think that perhaps the listshifter plugin would help as well. It might be possible to put the list shifter element into the repeating group to do the calculations and then use the satellite plugin to send those values from the RG cell to the page.

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I thought this as well. When i put an satelliite in the RG and the antenna in the screen, I am not able to see anything from the RG as the data source.

I’ve got my work cutout for me. It’s a toughie!

Basically, I need to access a custom_state from row 1 in to complete a computation in row 2 IF they are from the same month and experience type and so on in this fashion

Maybe put the maestro element into the repeating group along with the musicians element…I did that to get the RG cells to talk to each other and trigger workflows…so in your case you may have one maestro on the page, and one maestro in the RG with two musicians in the RG

Something like this can be tricky to figure out, but very satisfying to acheieve.

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I have purchased the BDK repeating group tool and utilities. Thank you to @gaurav for his support and convincing me to get the plugin today

i think my solution will be to create a JSON, do some work, then return an array.

i am able to extract the ‘columns’ of data i need like this

my plan would be to create a JSON array with the format


i think.

i have to work out the JS for this part but am not there yet. I need to get into JSON format first.

It was suggested to pull these lists into TransformList but i only see how to work with one incoming list

I think I am making progress first i use the data extractor to extract the adjusted hours from the states and create a list that corresponds with the number of cells in the RG. then here using the list utilities if/then process i get to work

if you are cell 1, and cell 1’s date = cell 2 date AND cell 1’s date = cell 3’s date
make value 1 = the sum of all 3 cells extracted data value

If anyone has a better/easier method, i would love to hear it!

I wanted to share how I completed this task. I threw custom states out for the most part (or at least stopped trying to add more)

Instead I am using BDK’s RG Tools data extractor and BDK’s Utilities Tool if/then

This allows me to share averages across cells without ever messing with custom states. See my example to understand what I mean!

screen hours_audit

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