Workload usage spike detected! What should i do?

Hi there,

Today i receive an email saying that my app has consumed a significant number of workload units in the last few hours.
What’s wrong with my app? I don’t know what to do, how can i prevent this from hapenning?


Have you looked at your WU usage and server logs to see?

yes, here it is… I don’t know what to do.

If you want to know what caused the spike (assuming you don’t already know), just click that day’s bar on the graph so you can see what caused the WU usage.

It was Fetching Data, what should i do? Any sugestion?

Suggestions for what?

If you’re asking how to lower your WU usage for data retrieval , then I’d recommend researching such topics here in the forum.

But the bigger question is why was your data retrieval yesterday more than 200 times more than the daily average?

What was the cause of that?

I don’t know the cause, that’s why i am asking.
I will search, thanks mate!

Well nobody else can know the answer to that…

But some possible explanations might be:

Big increase in site traffic
Heavy testing
Heavy usage from existing Users
A development error (i.e. highly inefficient search or workflow)

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Thanks Mate, it was really helpful!

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Hello @adamhholmes , can this result in workflow failures? I’ve received also the same alert due to testing, and I also notice some workflows are not working despite being identical with working / functional workflows.

If this workload spike is due to fetching data, it means there’s been lots of searches being done on page load/workflows.
This could mean a few things:

  1. You’ve been testing too much, which means the page loads/workflows have been run far more than usual.
  2. You must have triggered a search that’s extremely heavy on the server side. Perhaps you have a data type that’s extremely heavy which was not being called before but is being called now? Check if you’re using proper constraints. Also be careful of whether you’re using the :filtered operator or not. If that operator is being used, Bubble will download all of the data so it can then filter it client-side.

Let me know if you need to know anything else.