WU Explosion without reason : am I the only one?

Hey everyone,

My Workload Units consumption exploded those last 3 days, without reason.

No real increase in page views (nothing comparable at least), and I haven’t changed anything in my app…

Am I the only one in this case or do some of you are facing a similar issue ?

I went from 4.000 WU/day in average to 76.000 WU in one day, without any reason…

Have you used the drill down to work out what workflows are using the WU?

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There must be a reason…

Where are those additional WUs coming from?
What’s going on in the server logs?

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Hey @georgecollier , hey @adamhholmes

Alright, so, I was indeed a bit too hasty when saying “for no reason”.

Turns out I didn’t dig enough.

But ! There is still something interesting to take out from this.

1 - I indeed have a spike in page views (and therefore in workflows), but that is not

I also see on Spike in my PostHog dashboard, which seems to confirm this (even though the count is a bit different)

2 - Where does it come from ?

More than 95% of my WU Consumption comes from Fetching Data :

But !

Over 90% of those Fetching Data WU come from a single search, which is made within the Fuzzy Search plugin (from Zeroqode).

The intesreting thing I already knew this plugin was causing quite a substantial amount of WU consumption, but it stayed quite reasonable and mostly, it was predictable enough.

The strange is that I already optimized it as best as I could by hiding it when the app is not being displayed, and only making it search something when needed. It didn’t help. I haven’t seen any difference in it WU consumption.

A few days ago, I tried to change its data source, to make take it take its data from a unique RG (I therefore only perform one search at a time on my page).

But it didn’t make any difference as well.

So either I’m not understanding how this plugins works, or there is an issue with it !

I’m going to send an email to ZeroQode support to let them know the situation and see if they find something.

In the meantime I’m gonna migrate my search to Algolia. This should drastically reduce my WU consumption. (I should have done this a while ago anyway, so that’s my bad)

That will be a lesson learned for me :grimacing:


I’ve never used it but presumably Fuzzy search requires all of the data be downloaded to the browser where it’s then filtered by the plugin (compared to a normal RG search which might only load a partial list)? Might be one explanation. Just remove fuzzy search and test and compare the WU usage.

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Yep, that’s probable !

But I’m still wondering if the sudden increase in WU isn’t due to an issue with the plugin.

Okay I’ve had a spike in page views, but the spike in WU seems a bit « exaggerated » when compared to the page views :thinking:

I’ve pinged Zeroqode on their forum for advice, we’ll if they can help !

It’d be cool, because the plugin is really cool and easy to use :confused:

@ZeroqodeSupport FYI :slight_smile:

Quick update on the situation.

I’m in touch with Bubble’s support, that are investigating this. There is indeed a real issue, because even after deleting and uninstalling Zeroqode’s plugin, I’m still having WU usage spike that are attributed to the deleted element…

There is another user that is experiencing the same issue, as mentioned in this post.

So, for everyone using this plugin, make sure to check your WU usage ! :slight_smile:

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wow I just posted the same question! (sorry i didn’t see yours or i would have posted it here instead). my graph looks just like yours! Here is mine:

Like you, i’ve changed nothing in the app at all - and we’ve had no extra traffic…yet big wu increase last 3 days. So this is something fishy! Hopefully, it’s a bug at bubbes end that they can fix.

I am very happy to come across your post, else they would probably just blame it on ‘normal use’ and gaslighted me haha. (no tbh the support is actually really good usually)


So many parts of this update were rushed, hell the initial launch expectations of simple actions being 10x higher in reality than expectations set. I’m not surprised we are seeing a lot of edge case bugs or mis reporting issues.


Yeah, let’s be fair to the support, each time I’ve to had to ask them, they’ve always been nice and professional hahaha

By the way, I’ve transferred your post, and they seem to understand something’s not right, so they are working on it ! Now it’s just a matter of patience.

They’ll probably reset our WU or make a commercial gesture so that’s alright I guess haha :slight_smile:

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Yep, I agree :confused:

I’m still waiting on a WU bug (they haven’t even worked out if it’s a bug or feature yet) from November 15th to be answered. It’s not even the exact WU issue I’m bothered about - it’s the trust and transparency element… nobody knows how it’s supposed to work inside Bubble or out…

Let us know what happens @ThomasC2A


Yep, I agree with you. It clearly lacks transparency and reliability. Which is a big issue when the pricing is based on this very thing…

Yep, I’ll keep updating this post !

We are fishing without rods. Not being able to track usage per user is dissapointing…


We´ve got the exact same behavior starting with the beginning of this year.

Analyzed by week our WU of workloads went down by around 50% and the fetching data WU went up by 400%.

I recieved 3 mails this week from bubble, that there were these spikes and i checked the server logs and cant find a thing there where it might come from…

Any news on this?!

Nothing changed on our side in that time period.
I´ll contact bubble via Ticket too…

Hey @jf1 !

Nope, no news yet on the issue.

Last email I received from the support was on friday !

They do see an issue, and seem to be working on it.

I’ll update this thread when I have news.

In the meantime, for anyone reading this post and having the same issue, make sure to contact the support !

That’ll be the only way to make sure they correct this issue ASAP.

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Hi @daleaskew and @jf1 , are you using the same plugin as @ThomasC2A ? I seem to be having the same issue with the plugin and haven’t received any update from Bubble about it.


Hey Daas. No i am not using any external plugin.


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Hello everyone,

We apologize for the delayed response and sincerely hope that each of you had a wonderful New Year celebration!

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused. In our efforts to diagnose the issue, we’ve examined our pages featuring this plugin, and we’ve found that the workload units remain consistent, with no unusual spikes detected. We have not made any changes to the plugin recently that could create such a behavior.

For those of you who have contacted Bubble Support regarding this matter, we kindly request that you keep us informed of their findings. It appears that several individuals are experiencing this problem, with some utilizing our Fuzzy Search plugin and others encountering it without using our plugin.

Your collaboration and insights will be immensely helpful in resolving this situation. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work towards a solution :pray:

Wishing you all a great day! :blush: