Would these things work with Bubble? Any red flags?

I just found out today that Bubble existed.

I’m super excited to port my app over to Bubble (I’ve just been coding it myself in PHP), before I start spending my money on add-ons and upgrades I’m just wondering if I can have input as to whether the following would work:


  1. Having a search bar autocomplete from a client-side Javascript call and pass this value (call it x) to the next page
  2. The next page pushing that value (x) to Zapier to gather more information from a backend API (or perhaps the Server Side Javascript add-on; which I assume is NodeJS)?
  3. This information coming back and being shown on a datatable (via add-on); it take a bit of time to calculate each row so could it be passed back and presented on the table row-by-row? I’m currently doing this via AJAX in my app. Could images be presented in these datatable cells?
  4. Would it be possible to calculate new values that are presented on the frontend using Javascript after the table rows have loaded? And just have loading spinners there in the meantime?
  5. Would it also be possible to search for pre-defined values in a database using sliders and selectors and text inputs in combination with each other?

Thanks so much for any help in advance, I’m so excited to get started :grinning:

Hi @desmondconlon,
Welcome to the Bubble community.

Quick answers here : YES to all your questions.

Have fun bubbling.


Yes, you shouldn’t have any issues. There will be some different/easier ways to accomplish some of the items you listed once you learn the various Bubble components.


@Kfawcett beat me to it: Some of what you’re doing now can be “refactored” into native Bubble stuff. All of it should become obvious pretty quickly.

(Just start with the tutorial lessons to get the lay of the land in Bubble. You’ll also want to get familiar with the API Connector feature. If you like doing stuff in JavaScript either for performance or speed-of-development, you’ll want to get familiar with the Toolbox plugin and its Run JavaScript / JavaScript to Bubble elements) and/or the plugin builder.)

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Fantastic, thanks guys! :heart_eyes:

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