Mostly doing http posts and a data grid

Hi all! My main “front end app” I’d like to make in Bubble (instead of AngularJS that I was using) is a grid that does some http posts to my backend Python APIs and receives some data back to display. It looks like some of the main activities I need to look into are

  • writing a plugin
  • using a grid or grid plugin: preferably with UI controls on the column headers that allow me to add some functions.
  • also, is there a “pattern” that is similar to JS callback functions? this is probably in the plugin section? I want to post some data to my API, then when the results are returned, “do something” (the callback function).
    Trying to speed up my reading. Looking for any advice or specific links/examples to read about if you happen to know some. Thanks a lot.

A few thoughts to help you get started:

  • I don’t know that you’ll need a plugin for any of this.
  • You can set-up your own grids in Bubble with ease. Repeating groups (RG) are the key to displaying many rows or columns of the same thing. And, you can include RGs within each other to do a full grid if you want, but as a heads up that can have some material performance challenges.
  • You can send data to your API endpoint from either a workflow or from a front-end element. Same concept, but mildly different implementation. If you do a search on the forums, a bunch of posts include a full set of screenshots for setting up API calls and using the results for future workflows or updates on the UI (which is simple).

Note, I strongly encourage you to spend at least a few hours looking to understand core bubble functionality before narrowing in on your specific use case because understanding the basics of Bubble are largely essential for understanding these specific challenges.

On the whole, what you’re trying to do sounds straightforward in Bubble. If it’s worth some money to go faster, you should consider hiring a Bubble Coach to code the most challenging portions of your initial app over screenshare, so they can help you get unstuck and show you the ropes of how it’s done. Even a few hours of coaching can make a huge difference, because learning through trial and error takes a whole lot longer than simply having someone who knows how it work show you.

Welcome to Bubble, and best of luck with your app!

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Ok that is great news, thanks! I have some basic familiarity with Bubble, but got that over 1 year ago, so probably don’t remember it too much - will be working the general tutorials again!