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Wow my app disapeared

i am in my dashboard and i see that there is a glitch , we do not have any app in our home page. we built one complicated one and now its gone . it seems to be a bug . major one as we can not find our version . its back now but it disapeared for like 20 min

We’re in the middle of a backend upgrade, which triggered some issues. We’re looking into it.

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ok cool . we would like to get in touch with you guys in a private session if possible as what we are building is for a very special structures you will be really proud of.

You can email [email protected], that goes to us :slight_smile:

thank you sir, i will do that asap so we can finish the platform and demo it to miami city council as asked by them.

we have finmally completed it it works now

check it out make a card in test mode to see if it works for you too…