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Things are missing without reason

Something bizarre is happening with our app today. Random things are missing for no reason. There’s nothing in our app that allows users to delete these things. It’s seemingly completely random, and it’s never happened. We’ve used this app every day for weeks without this problem. Today we have spotted three important things simply disappear. These things are also missing in the live database.

Another strange note, we have found at least one other thing that is still in the live database, but it isn’t pulling up in drop-down searches on the app.

We have not deployed any new version today, and nobody has altered data or deleted things on the backend. I’d know because I’m the only one with access to the backend data.

Please help?

We’re looking into this right now and are pushing some fixes. Can you check in 15 minutes or so and if you still see some weird stuff file a bug report (

Absolutely - any chance the lost data will come back?

It should be a search issue, not a lost data issue. Please let us know though, with a specific test case. Did you check again?

Yes, we should be able to recover it. Can you confirm it is still missing and send me an email at [email protected] with information about what disappeared? Is it gone from the app data panel in the editor or is it gone from a page in your app?

Wait - I can confirm that the live data is still missing on the backend.

I accidentally looked at my development copy and it’s there but not on live.

It’s missing everywhere. Not in the database and not in the app page.

We have another item that is still in the database but doesn’t show up in searches in the app.

Bug Report created

Okay, next questions (and you can switch to email if you don’t want this public on the forum):

Re: the one that is missing everywhere:
-Did you independently create the development copy of the missing item, or did you copy the live database -> to the test database, or visa-versa?
-Can I have the unique id of the development copy please? (you’ll see it when you click the edit icon)

Re: the one that is in the database but doesn’t show up:
-Can I have the unique id of that please?


That’s still in the development version but missing in the live.

And here is a thing that is in our database but not showing up in our app as of this afternoon:

thanks. give me a few minutes while I sort through this…

So here’s the deal: Temporarily missing data

Short version, your data is in the wrong place, but we know where it is, and we’re brining it back in the next couple hours

Same thing here. Everything disappeared both on development and live. I already copied in the past from dev to live and live to dev. Things I add today appear in the moment in the results but disappear after F5. They all appear both in dev and live on App Data Editor. But simply disappeared from the app running.

Do you mind emailing us (best is a bug report) with which data is in the editor but not in the app in run mode?

I am experiencing the same problem. information from database just missing for no reason. Also the copy list function which has been working fine all along no longer works. It copies the records however they soon disappear after a couple of seconds.

I am new to bubble. I would to think that all time invested will go to waste. If data just goes missing for no reason at all I have serious trust issues about bubble stability. I am building apps and clients pay for these services. This is very worrying.

Very sorry about this, this is one of the biggest migrations we’ve done (they don’t happen often), and we have a few glitches. See our announcement though, data should be safe.

Do you mind emailing us (best is a bug report) with which data is missing?

I will send bug report. To assist other users to identify the problems I am experincing the following issues:

  • Erratic behaviour
  • Data missing from a number of tables, e.g. Organisations, lot of data missing from MG_table_1 etc
  • Tables renamed, e.g the table headings was renamed to " _EZ". I had to rename again to correct one
  • Copy lists not working. Data is copied but soon disappears after a few seconds. Sounds like privileges issue

The best thing to do is to give us a specific ID of a data that is missing, and we fix this. Hopefully that’ll be what others are facing as well (if they are).

Is there a specific way for me to get the ID of missing data? I do not have another version of it anywhere else. I have sent the bug report with more detail of the app path with the affected tables.