Wrong SEO of a Bubble app

Hi all,

We have a SEO issue with Google. Indeed, the search engine doesn’t show the app properly, despite trying different things.

This is what is showed :

This is the SEO settings (general) :

This is the SEO settings (index page) :

It has been several weeks since these changes have been made, so I believe this is not a waiting time issue but a real settings issue.

Has someone any idea how to fix this ?

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


Google doesn’t always use your meta description for the ‘snippet’ they display on their search results… in fact, more often than not they’ll pick a snippet from your page that they think is more relevant for the person searching…

So regardless of what you put in your meta description, there’s no guarantee that’s what people will see in Google when searching for your site.

That said, it can sometimes take weeks/months for Google to update their listings, so if you only made the changes a few weeks ago, they still might appear… it might be worth requesting a recrawl in your Search Console anyway.

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Sorry for the delay, I missed your (very) quick answer. Thanks a lot Adam ! That unfortunate… but very clear, we will try to modify the app so that it appears the way we want on Google

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