SEO Data isn't correct

Hello there,

Where can I set the text that will be displayed by google searches?

if I look up my site done by bubble it shows up like this


Even though I have completed the data on APP settings

And in the INDEX site I have completed different thing.


As you can see, neither of them is the source to the text.


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Hello, anyone on this? any thoughts?

Have you redeployed since making changes?

yes! several times

And which text will be the one displayed by google?

I’m not sure, to be honest. I haven’t messed with SEO settings at all. I know there are others on the forum with more experience, sorry I’m not more help!

maybe @romanmg knows something about t his? :slight_smile:

What you screenshot shows isn’t Bubble’s defaults, so it’s what Google decides to display. The meta tags are only a hint for search engines, at the end of the day they display what they think is the most relevant to the search.

What do you mean it’s not bubble’s defaults? is there a way I can make sure that Google displays an specific text?

I meant you already changed them.

You cannot control what google displays with 100% control.

@emmanuel , I really need to know if someone could fix this. It’s key-success factor to be able to manage the SEO description in the app’s industry (insurance)

you know someone who could get over this?

Thanks already man! bubble rocks! :slight_smile:


I’m unfortunately not an SEO expert but some people are. Keep in mind though that at the end of the day, search engines control what they display,.

Yeah, getting Google to show the stuff you want can be a bit tricky sometimes – not just with Bubble. :wink:

It shows up like this on my side, by the way:

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yeah! it changed! now I see it like this!


Looks like it does picks different stuff depending on the geographic position!

thank y’all guys!

Hi all and best wishes for 2018,

I just released a first live version of my website and I am discovering a complete new world again.
2017 was about creating an app
2018 will be about SEO !


But nothing on Google : image

I tried few things like this one but no success :

Can anyone help ? Is there any delay on google to integrate the changes ?

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@romain.vittot You cannot control what Google shows as the description. You tell Google by setting the description with what you want, but Google might change it so something else from your page based on the search relevance. Also, it typically takes some time for Google to pick up any changes; and this depends on many factors (Without getting into details). One way to do this quicker, is to setup a Search Console, and then submit your page to Google for indexing.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply. I am looking at least for a blue and green title !

Here is what I get after having launched the Google search console :

Hello Romain,

As said earlier in this thread, you can’t really choose the specific information for google to show.

But I can tell you how far I’ve get with bubble, I did put the information by double clicking in the index page


And that’s what is displayed in my case when I google the site name. if google chooses a different page will be displayed the specific page description for SEO

Hope it works for you as its for me, and let me know if you find a better way to handle SEO with bubble!

Thank you guys, I went to Search console and it is progressing.
I discovered an obvious thing, I didn’t put any title on my pages !


That’s why the title on google was “Bubble application”, it is corrected and I get that :slight_smile:

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