WU efficiency thread — The most WU-effective way to do common Bubble WFs

So now that things are winding down with the whole pricing fiasco as per the recent thread by @josh (time will tell if this has been a wise move by Bubble), we should start discussing efficiency. Despite the recent WU savings, I’m sure there are ways to do things more efficiently to save $$.

Things on my mind:

  • Fetching data (Search for) seems to be the most WU intensive function.
  • Scheduled Workflows come up second.

Searching through a very large database to filter out say, the most recent 25 entries seems to be ultra inefficient. Suppose one were to create a Twitter-like close, fetching the most recent 25 threads would be very costly. Is there an cost-efficient way to do this?

Still not sure how to approach Scheduled Workflow optimization as backend workflows tend to be very complex for some Bubble apps.

What are you guys doing to make your apps leaner?

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Not that you can’t start another thread, of course, but FYI.

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If you search for something, sorted by newest, then do :until item # 25 it will only count as a search of 25 things

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This is great, thanks Mike! Let’s continue the conversation over there.

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