WU friendly list of numbers

Hi all,

I was recently going through one of my apps, looking at the app metrics and I noticed using the ‘List of numbers’ element from the toolbox plugin was using a CRAZZZZY amount of WU’s, it was doubling the usage per month, just to count the records and divide them by 20. Admittedly it is counting a few thousand records at a time, each time the page loads, but surely counting records shouldn’t be using so much processing power, its a basic function.

For now I have replaced it with a ‘load more’ button but does anyone know a more WU friendly way of doing a list of numbers to use for pagination?

Thanks in advance.

I think your reference to it being a basic function is in regards to the plugin function, but there is a built in operator of :count you can use in a dynamic expression to get the total number of records if your expression is to search your database for a specific data type and you want to know how many are there.

Could it be that it is performing a search each time you are updating its values for your pagination function?

Have you tried to use the values from the repeating group and setting up the repeating group to use pagination built in by Bubble and setting the number of entries per page? Doing pagination should not require any WUs just to know the total number of records (since you would already be needing to fetch those from the database anyway, and can use the :count operator), and to setup some simply dynamic expressions for the math to know how many pages there are in total so you can populate your pagination page numbers for a user to interact with.

I might be offbase…

Alternatively, check out some of the other free plugins that provide functionality to create a list of numbers - one that I like I think is called 1T List of Numbers


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