XML API developer, maybe custom plugin

I need help being able to connect to an XML based third party application. There are several API functions.

  1. Simple send a few parameters and get a single value in return. Response may return a lot of data, but there is only one data point that I need.
  2. Send a few parameters and get a very long response that varies in length and need to parse this response to get only the data that I need.
  3. Take this data from step 2 and merge with some existing Bubble data and then send out another API call to have this third party process the data as a transaction.
  4. Then look for the response/results from this transaction that could be available in a short period of time or could be a few days.
  5. Set up Polling to track any changes that this 3rd party application might have related to my list of active users.

Not sure how the current API connector with the option to change the data type to XML works or if we would need a custom plugin to translate things from Json to XML/SOAP or what exactly would be required to accomplish this task.

I’m really hoping there is someone out there that has experience with XML/SOAP based API that can figure this out for me. I have documentation from the 3rd party, but it is not the greatest. Meaning this will take some collaboration for me to help you understand exactly what I need and how to use their documentation to get the results I need.

Let me know when you would be available for a zoom call to discuss. English is very important as the documentation and content is very technical.

I have worked extensively with XML based APIs in the past and would be glad to help you out.
Feel free to reach out to me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,