Your experience with your first app

hello, i m a new user in bubble. i would know. your first experience on bubble. ;0
what was your first app? and how much time you spend to do it ;0. thks

i saw bubble on producthunt and it looked like a scam, their interface looked too garb for what it was claiming to do, then like a week later i saw @levon’s zeroqode on ph and was immediately in love & inspired.

as for apps, ive built some little things here but nothing really for market, im building an app like that now and its taken a couple months to get a little bit done, considering all the user experience research.

bubble has weird learning curve because its so flexible.


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thks @anon65040322
I think I’ll spend a lot of time learning too

I built an app for elementary schools in Canada. Still running to this day, makes just enough money to cover the cost of keeping it alive.

Took about 3 months working nights and weekends. Did so much wrong. It’s a giant mess, but it’s how I learned. I would go in and rebuild it all, but it doesn’t make enough money to make it worth my time.


do you think you would have to go through a cms or other way to create? or are you happy because you have learned a lot?

CMS wouldn’t make any difference on the app I built. I’m not sure I understand your question about the CMS, actually.

I’m definitely happy about the learning experience, it’s much better than learning how to code if you want to build small-scale products as a solopreneur. You can learn how to write Javascript and still have no idea how to build software. With Bubble, you can just focus on the product.

Do I get annoyed about things? Absolutely. Is the performance and reliability worse than I’d like? Sure. Will I stop using Bubble? No way. Having a semi-reliable app on Bubble is better for me than having no app at all, and I think the team will find ways to increase the performance and stability as the years progress.

The products I build are only intended to have like 2500-5000 people, max. I’m not trying to build Facebook or Uber, I just want nice streams of income to complement my day job at Pivotal.


ok I understand, I am in the same case I do not want to learn to code. and bubble gives the freedom to do that. I hope your app will work as you wish. do you have a link that we can see the results?

I discovered Bubble last fall, but really got into it this January, just like @andrewgassen, I did lot things wrong in the first place and had to redo things better, But now, only a month and a half later I can attest I much better - though I’m still a long way from being a super expert.

From my point of view Bubble is still a young product/concept, but it is revolutionary. How, in about 40 days could I be a beginner in web programming and produce a functionnal web app? Impossible. From my experience and what I read on the forum, Bubble has to improve in a lot of area, but hey, they’re getting there.

ok, thank you, i think we will improve with bubble so :slight_smile: