12 start up in 12 months?

Hello, I’m new here! I’ve been learning to program the last 4 months or so, and at the beginning of this year I had a challenge from someone I admire a lot like pieter levels who did the same thing about 3 years ago I think.
I met bublbe fortunately and I’ve been reading the forum a bit, I know that many people use it as a hobby or to do “great” things in their free time. Now my idea is to make money with the webs apps that I plan to create this year, I think that bubble could help me a lot for this, since I am not a good programmer.
I am not here to play, I will dedicate it as a normal work of 8 hours so that I can generate an income.
Do you think this is possible with bubble?
I had previously tried another “framework” without code to create apps, but it was very bad execution that they had to think about making money with them.
bubble is at the height of creating sophisticated web app and have a good execution of these as to be professionals?

Yes, entirely possible, and you wouldn’t need Bubble every month.

The issue with tools like Bubble is that because you can do stuff “twice as quick” you often actually end up taking the same time but doing twice as much.

Doing “just enough” to enable you to see if you can gain traction/revenue is, counter-intuitively, harder the easier it is to build something.

It has taken me two years of building multiple sites (mostly on bubble but not all) and products to be able to tell myself to not add in stuff I don’t need.

Good luck, very interested in what you build.


I am constantly building stuff on bubble, to the tune that last week I launched a site and in last 2 days I have prepared the prototype for a new one.

Once you get hang of bubble it is fairly easy and really speeds up thing.

I only suffer in two areas, complete design and marketing but working on it as well.

Best of luck!


thank you!
interesting what you say, it is important to launch the products and see if they work in the market.
I do not plan on spending weeks buying courses on how to make a “clone” of instragram, it does not make sense for me, I want to have an idea and learn how to do it on the road and launch it, is this possible in bubble? or there are not too many free tutorials on how to make each piece of a website?

It’s possible. Best resource for your money in terms of courses is go.codefree.co - @brentsum
Build all the things he’s got courses for, as in doing so you’ll learn things that will save you hours of frustration later down the road.
Sign up for coaching bubble’s YouTube channel and email list.
Once you learn the basics, take @romanmg API course (https://coachingbubble.com/api-bundle), and invest in some regular coaching hours with her. Alternate source would be Salar with cobubble, also excellent. https://cobubble.com/dashboard?product=sessions
And especially dig into the coaches process for planning the apps before you start building. I didn’t learn this first and I’m paying for it now.


I’m really not interested in spending a month or two just learning things that 50% would not use, anyway I always did that, but this time I want to take different things … that several people recommend.
How are you paying for not having seen great tutorials before?

Up to you @nicolasgustabo, more than one way to skin a cat. The above is the way I would do it, it’s just the way I learn the best.

I’ve found that by jumping into a project that’s above my skill level usually isn’t advisable without taking some courses and research first :slight_smile:


Very true @NigelG, I find myself doing the same. It takes a lot of conscious effort to actually stop yourself from keep improving the product based on gut feeling rather than revenue stream and user testing.

I suspect many Bubblers could save themselves a lot of time and money listening to this advice.


I could save myself a lot of time and money by listening to my own advice more :slight_smile:

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We should both bookmark this thread :wink:

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@nicolasgustabo I’ll assume you’ve got special kind of cognitive skills you seemingly tend to apply when learning something new :slight_smile:

But like the rest of us, it’s much easier learning first before jumping right in.

@scott3 gave some very sincere recommendations. I’d advice you check out Codefree.co. @brentsum style of teaching is pretty awesome. Plus he seem to have covered lots of Bubble use-case scenarios. I was also hoping to go witth @romanmg’s Bubble courses, sadly she isn’t quite setup like @brentsum’s Codefree.co yet.

I’d advice you avoid ‘that’ Bubble course offering to teach you how to build an Instagram clone. It was a waste of money IMHO. Same goes for the one found on Udemy. If I had to do it right from scratch as a new Bubble convert, I’d be spending my money on @brentsum and @romanmg, then follow folks like @jarrad , @NigelG and a few other helpful regular posters here on the forums.

Summary? Spend some time learning about Bubble by watching videos from the pros first. You’d avoid lots of guessing and forum posts asking trivia questions, hence spending those unproductive time building instead.

I honestly believe achieving 12 startups in 12 months with Bubble is doable. You just need to get yourself somewhat educated before hand though.



oh thank you very much everyone! I have become clearer, I really see that the “world” bubble is very interesting …
Although I have a little doubt about the performance of bubble compared to the “standard” programming, the app created by bubble that I have analyzed, have a worse performance than others made without it, being the performance of 80% approximately.
I do not know if anyone knows anything about this, but I begin to believe that for serious projects and what you want to earn money, bubble may not meet the requirements of a “professional” app.
Let me know if I’m confused, I’ve only analyzed about 10 webs or so of bubble, and reading in the forum.

My two cents on your comment @nicolasgustabo:

  1. Speed in Bubble (just like any other programming language) is based a lot on how you set up the system. My first apps turned out very slow, but as I learned the tricks of the trade, we were able to speed things up quite a bit. A dedicated server space will also increase speed somewhat.

  2. It is still true though, that parts of Bubble is a bit slow, as you can see from forum posts. This is a high priority for the Bubble team to keep improving, along with stability.

As far as I can “read” the Bubble team, they are getting closer to the point where new features are mostly added by the community through plugins, and the team focuses on keeping the system stable and quick.

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