Youtube video not auto playing


I’m new and I’m having issues getting my youtube video to auto play.

I am fairly sure I have all the settings set correctly that I have seen on older posts but it still wont work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi there @k112,

Welcome to the Bubble Community!

How are you trying to play this video now? Are you using the default Bubble video element or a plugin?

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply.
I ended up purchasing a background video plugin and I have passed this problem.

I am now facing an issue with my video playing on PC(Chrome, & Edge) but not on iPhone (Chrome & Safari)

Would you know anything about this?


Facing the same issue here. Using the default Video element from, but Video isn’t autoplaying even with the tickbox checked. Looking for solution, anyone that can help is welcome – Might be a Javascript code would work? (for the Techies)