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YouTube video not autoplaying

I’m having a problem with something that seems like it should be relatively simple - autoplaying a YouTube video. What I think should work: I create a new video and put in the YouTube id and click to “Play the video automatically on load” (screenshot 1). When I click preview, it should autoplay, but I have to click play for the video to start (screenshot 2).

I’ve also tried using the HTML element and the Video.js plugins, but I run into the exact same issue. Any tips?



Thank you for your post! Would it be possible to email us at [email protected] with a link to the page in question so we can best assist?

hey @josh.taub i faced the same problem 2 days ago but now it works fine maybe the problem is from bubble end check it if it is solved.

I still have the issue.

Will do, thanks!

Hi @josh.taub & @princepotlya ,

It was working as it is. May be some plugins / code may affect this autoplay.

Kindly plaese ensure from debug mode.

Sample URL : Bubble | No-code apps

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