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Youtube/Vimeo link input to show on profile

I want to enable users to put in their official youtube/vimeo links on their accounts, and then display that video on their profiles and when clicked, a popup opens up and the video plays.

Is this possible?

Possible…You would have to create a thing called videos - and the users would have to at least put in their video ID…and you would have to choose off the bat if they were using You Tube or Vimeo, but not both - you may be able to hack a work around to accept both, but I’ll keep simple for now.

I’m assuming you have them click a button or a picture, and then the vid pops up? Create an image, create a pop up group, and put a video element in the pop up. Create a workflow that show’s the pop up when the image is clicked, and set the video’s settings to “Play the video automatically on load”. (the vid will only start when pop up comes up but will not stop if user x’s out - think I may have seen another thread about this - you’ll have to look up)

You set the video data ID to be dynamic data of the video thing the user created = Current Users Video ID

See here for a sample running product I quickly put together for you (just elements, not DB):

and here for the code:

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That did the trick but i have the problem of the audio on the background when i close the popup. Looked at the forum to see what i find but nothing yet.

Thank you for the video instructions!!!

Here is the thread - has to do with the vid being in a group rather than a popup: