Z-index using css

Hey ,
I want to make a next button on image slider and works. but this is a plugin so how to do it.

I’m not sure why you need to use custom CSS for this…?

Just put it in an ‘Align To Parent’ group, and ensure it’s at the front.


the image itself is plugin and i think it would’t work, and also i want to learn hot to with css

I don’t see that that makes any difference… as I said you can just add the heart button on top.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘do it with CSS’?

You mean you want to add a bubble element, but not use the Bubble settings to control it’s appearance/position (for some reason)?

Or you want to edit the code of the plugin to contain a heart button, and use CSS for styling directly in the plugin?

Or you want to create an html element for the button and and use CSS to position it (rather than using standard Bubble features).

Can you clarify exactly what you’re trying to do (and why), and what you’re having rouble with?

yeah the last one … i already did it with align parent, but i am just practicing that if i want to do with custom css then how to do it

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