Zapier integration not available?

Hello! Firstly, loving Bubble and think its awesome. I’m trying to create an integration to the api for document signing and was thinking the easiest “no code” approach would be to do it via Zapier. I realise there are plugins for DocuSign but the pricing for their API package is prohibitatively expensive for the volumes I’m looking at. I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious but Bubble doesn’t seem to be available in Zapier as a supported app. I’ve therefore got two questions:

  • Has Bubble been removed for some reason from Zapier?
  • Is the best approach to connecting to use the Bubble API Connector?

Many thanks for your help!


They have a really nice Bubble connector.

You can connect Bubble with Zapier. You’ll need to use webhooks. I’ve done it and it works smoothly. This should be helpful.

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Thanks for the video, which was really helpful. I’ll check out Integromat too.

The eSignatures api only has one endpoint option, which seems problematic when I’m sending multiple webhook types to a single Bubble endpoint. Sorry if this is a really rookie question. Is the best approach to try and distinguish the different webhooks within one endpoint or to use something like Integromat / Zapier.
For example, I want to create a new contract in my database when I get a particular webhook notification, and want to edit the status as signed when I get another webhook.