Zappier google integration

I want to send data from bubble to calendar via zappier in start date I have to select multiple dates and time i.e start time would be monday at 8 am, 12pm, 4pm and same on tuesday and wednesday
whereas the end time would be 1 hour after the starting time how it is possible

You mean google calendar?

Then you need multiple events…

yes I want to send bubble data to google calender via zappier

Can you please explain it more

What are you having problems with? The manual, forum, Youtube all contain guides on how to use Zapier with Bubble and there may even be some specific to Google Calendar. Start there.

As I discussed before I want to create multiple meetings on the same day

Create a Thing for each event and run a zap for each event…

how it can be possible


If you have events with different start and end times, you need multiple events in your DB…