Posting Events to Google Calendar with Zapier

Hey, Bubblers -

I struggled to post events to Google Calendar and thought I’d share what I found to work.

I used Zapier and it’s pretty simple to set up. Install the Bubble Zapier plugin and create a Zapier account.

My workflow captures a start time and an end time. I needed to post these, along with other dynamic fields, to my google calendar.

For the times, use a text field in the bubble zap and extract as UNIX. Zapier may give you an error in the test phase for missing start and stop but your events will post and the format will be fine. I didn’t pass the start and stop as date fields, just text with extract UNIX.

I’d be happy to elaborate if anybody needs help with something similar but I’ll leave it at this for now. I hope it may help somebody down the road.

For me, posting the start/stop time as text instead of date was the trick.


Jason, would this approach work for an app where each user needs to connect their own Google Calendar?

Hi, George - sorry for the delay, traveling.

I’d imagine so - what I found is that it was a formatting issue between my bubble app and zapier. I’ve been using this zap since March with no problems. Whether it is posting to your master account or a user’s google account, just extract as UNIX.

For what it’s worth, I’m sure there is a more elegant way to integrate with Google Calendar. I’ve learned a lot since March and plan to revisit this “workaround” in the coming weeks.

Hi Jason,

Could you share some screen shots of your confugurations both in Zapier and in Bubble? I am struggling to push my events into Google Cal. The Zappier test runs perfectly but my Bubble workflow is not pushing the data.


In Zapier:

  1. Bubble action
  2. Create Detailed Event
    Start Date & Time uses “Text 8” from bubble.
    End Date & Time uses “Text 9” from bubble.

In bubble:
Text 8 and 9 = Date Fields :extract UNIX
In the subwindow for Extract from date, choose component “UNIX timestamp (ms)”

Thanks for the reply Jason! I tried it and it works :grinning:

Have a good one!

Happy to help!