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Zerocode AWS MP3 Upload Bug

The AWS Plugin from @ZeroqodeTeam / @ZeroqodeSupport seems to have a bug with the MP3 file type. When I upload an MP3, the file uploads to AWS just fine but tapping the link returns an audio player that never loads.

When I access the file from AWS, the file loads just fine and plays in the browser window and can also be downloaded.

I looked on Stack Overflow and Github and it seems like there might be a common issue in the API call here that the plugin doesnt solve for (example 1, example 2, example 3). Thoughts?

can u display the console ( devtools ) as you “tap the link” and get a failure?

wild guess is that it may be an uncaught CORs error issued by the browser as you are tapping the link and getting “player that never loads” . no u actually have uncaught CORS error .

figure out a way to dump browser’s console errors while focusing on that action “” Click to play “”

Hello, @mjrudin
Thanks for reaching out and reporting this issue.

@rowntreerob Thanks for your input here :pray:

First of all, allow us to mention that we have tested the possibility to upload the MP3 files and receive the workable link and it works properly.
Please find our screencast:

The most probable reason for this issue - your CORS and other security settings.
Please carefully analyze this section in the documentation and check, that exactly you configured in another way: AWS File Uploader Plugin - Zeroqode Documentation

In case any plugin-related questions will appear, or you will not be able to check issue with MP3 files, please let us know.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team