AWS Uploader not clickable

I’m using @ZeroqodeSupport new AWS uploader. I have configured everything on the AWS side. When I add the element in bubble and go to preview, it’s not clickable. When I click on the UI element nothing happens. What is going on here?

I’m getting this console error:

@ZeroqodeSupport @levon Appears to be a bug in version 1.6 and higher. 1.5 behaves as expected.

@crtcreative can you add to your app and point us where to check?

OK I added you. Please see test page called “box”. I’m using the uploader there. Currently set to plugin version 1.5. 1.6 and above creates a bug where the uploader is unclickable and the console throws the above shown error message.

we noticed that you are also using this plugin and perhaps it causes conflict
Could you temporarily uninstall so we could test? We didn’t want to uninstall ourselves without your permission
Please let us know

OK, I uninstalled it but I doubt that’s the issue because I installed that plugin after yours (and after I had this issue).

@levon, I actually got the same issue and I’m not ready to unisntall “multi-uploader”. Any way you could correct the conflict?

@Kfawcett @crtcreative we are investigating this, the plugin works in a test mode, but doesn’t work in the prod apps. Looks like something to do with Bubble - will reach out their support now

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Hi All,
thanks for bearing with us, and sorry for the delay, this issue has been finally resolved, please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version, refresh the browser and give it a try.

Thanks @levon!