Zerocode AWS plugin charges you don't know about!


I recently had a conversation with AWS about the Zerocode plugin for AWS. AWS told me that:

"if you are using a 3rd party program (Zerocode) in your S3 environment it can cause requests to be made which could be incurring charges. "

Would anyone happen to know:

  1. If such requests can be turned off?
  2. What requests exactly are being sent?
  3. How can a person take back control of whats going on as this is like playing a slot machine that’s continuously giving a payout! Crazy.

I look forward to your feedback.


I would take this up with Zerocode. @levon and his team are top notch and should be able to help sort out your questions.

Hey @Zaque thanks a lot for tagging me!

@Dog-Tag do you see excessive charges on your AWS account related to the plugin usage? As far as I know our plugin doesn’t make calls unless they are necessary, I can of course double-check with the dev team but I’d need some more context please.


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@levon AWS has fixed charges when using S3 bucket. Typically cost is broken down into number of transactions/requests taking place.

On AWS side, I and AWS have identified what their services are costing to run/operate but the overages may be from AWS plugin by Zerocode. I’m not claiming this is the case but I will say that this is what AWS is pointing at as I presented above.

What can you tell me?


Hey @Dog-Tag I’ll ask my team to comment
in the meantime, just to clarify, you have identified with AWS that there are overages, is that corrrect?

Howdy Levon@, Well that would be clarified in my last statement, as well as, my very first statement and specifically conversation placed in quotes!

Hello, @Dog-Tag!

We have made some investigation of the plugin work. Indeed, on the AWS side there is a limitation for the GET/PUT requests amount of the AWS Free Tier:

Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service Pricing - Amazon Web Services
AWS Free Tier (

Please accept our apologies for not indicating this point in the plugin documentation. We have just updated it for informing our users about this AWS Free Tier limitation. Thank you kindly for your questions. :pray:

Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.
Zeroqode Team

Could you give an example of how the GET/POST should be tabulated/counted when using your plugin? I’m asking this because there is a belief that perhaps the plugin is running in the backgound generating such requests at various intervals.

Therefore examples appreciated!


@Dog-Tag ,
Apologies for the late reply :pray:

Sure thing! For example, on this pic you can see the AWS plugin’s list of actions/data calls, that are using the GET/PUT/DELETE calls:

The rest of plugin’s elements or actions are not using any data calls.

Hope it helps! Regards,
Zeroqode Team

Thanks! This helps a lot!

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