What currency is the bubble prices in?

I see the $ sign next to them. Is that my currency (aud) or USD? I’m guessing plugins, templates and plans would all be in the same currency too?

It’s USD for me, so I presume it’s displayed the same for everyone unless they’re displaying a currency option (in which case it may be dynamic).

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I’m in Europe (Euro so not a Brexiteer obviously) and I see the prices in USD too.

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thank you. I guess that sums it up. Geez some of these plugins really killing the pocket of a broke startup ahaha.

Don’t I know it @lockymadera - I’m pretty much paying monthly for now until I have enough users to do the once-off payments. You have a certain budget and there are so many competing things you could do with - training, an app audit, plugins, a higher bubble plan …

It’s worth noting that if you add a plugin with a monthly plan you can experiment with it and then uninstall if it is not doing what you need from it. You will only pay pro-rata for the period of time you had it installed.

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Yeah. I can’t launch some of mine without the plugins. The new amazon server one absolutely saves me thousands in the future but $95AUD is kinda harsh on my pocket right now. Plus I have to pay for the amazon servers at the same time (although thats rather cheap), it all adds up in the end. I’d love if they had a way to pay off things (even with interest.

Like a $70 app you pay $100 for total put you can pay it off monthly instead of constantly paying a monthly plan on top of everything.

In the past, I have always built high price low volume products so one customer and your costs were covered. But, this will be my last business before I retire, or so I’m telling myself, and I really want to try low price high volume. I have signed up advance users and I’ve taken money from them but it would take too long to sign up enough of them. I can either be building the app or making advance sales and building is more important now. At least with bubble that is fast.

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Yeah. I guess were on the other side of the scale business wise right now. This is going to be my first business venture. Yeah my app is probably only going to cost me $300 AUD to start and $50 a month after that to keep going and once I get a user it raises but so does my profit.

If all goes well my costs go up around $2.25AUD per user per month but I get around $100 profit per month back so its not too bad.

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