🏆 Zeroqode Blocks is on Product Hunt today ! Check us out!

Hey Team!

We’re on Product Hunt today with Zeroqode Blocks :unicorn:

Would love to have your feedback, comments and support :heart: , as always!

Thank you!


Thanks guys! :slight_smile: We’re on the front page!

Hi @vladlarin

The drag-n-drop Kanban Block live demo page does not load 5 min. I tried a few times, the result hasn’t changed.

Nice blocks :+1:

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Thanks man!

Weird, this works well for me :slight_smile:


Would appreciate a lot if you could help me to understand how can I reproduce!

I didn’t do anything special. When I click on the link you share, the result is still the same, the page does not load.


I recorded the gif before the screen shot, the number of errors and warnings is increasing. Page is still open and not loaded. Currently status: Error: 21 Warning: 77

It looks like there may be some google chrome extensions that are blocking the content load somehow (weirdly enough). Sorry about that!

Would you mind opening the same page in incognito mode and seeing if you still see that much errors?


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Yes you are right. No problem in incognito mode.

:grinning: Sen sagol!

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