Zooming In causes Plugins to Mess Up?

I am currently using the plugins:


I sync the audio player and video player to play at the same time when a dropdown value is chosen. Why not just have the video player with audio? Cause the free video recording software on my work computer will always pick up the surrounding noises like my mouse clicks or typing, and unfortunately do not have an alternative.

Unfortunately, when I zoom in and out, with Ctrl + or Crtl -, then the videos and audio restart and even duplicate over the old one. Is there a keyboard shortcut I am missing that causes this? I am pretty sure everything works fine with the code, just this weird anomaly.

Anyways here is video evidence with audio, warning, it sounds like spam!

Probably theses code are not updated correctly with the new responsive engine. A page resize will trigger the update function and this is why you get this behavior. Send message to plugin author

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Will do thank you!