ZQ Fuzzy Search: Not displaying all fields

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I’m working on search functionality and using ZQ Fuzzy Search. I’ve managed to display results in a repeating group based on the value of an input field. I wanted to expand the search’s functionality by adding more fields. However, I noticed the plugin does not show all the fields I’ve created in my database.

All the fields from the datatype that I’m trying to parse:

Fields that ZQ Fuzzy Search allows me to parse:
Screenshot from 2022-09-05 10-59-50

I’ve tried to find a connection between the selection of fields I’m able to choose from and the type of field (text, image, number, etc.). I noticed that the available types are all text, an image, or a unique ID. Numbers and dates are not listed. Does anyone know if the plugin just doesn’t allow you to search those fields? I checked the documentation, but there’s no mention of any kind of limitation.

Hope someone is able to help. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am facing exactly the same issue with the same plugin. Only few fields are being displayed for me as options to search using them. Did you manage to know what is the problem ?

The plugin only allow to search for fields that their field type is text. if the field type is number, user or another field, The field wouldn’t be shown for you to select it

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