+1 does not add, only overwrite the data


I’m getting a bit frustrated, so as a last point of resort I decided to ask here for help. Trying a simple thing, I just want a counter of the updates.

Simple - When user pushes the button the value in DB increases by 1.
And here is the thing, based on the same search criteria, creating new entries in DB and updating the old ones with new values works (I assume search criteria is correct in this case).

The only problem is with

This is not adding one, but overwriting the value ( in case of screenshot is 1, or in the matter a fact, any other I will choose)
Is there any kind soul that would help with that ?
Thanks in advance

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Hey @Kordal :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada: :confetti_ball:

It is most likely because you are referencing the ‘parent group’s incident’ and then the thing to change, you are doing a search. The parent group incident is most likely empty. From what I see with people that are learning, you probably need to somehow send the data instead of doing a search.

Hi there, @Kordal… have you already tried selecting This Incident's instead of Parent group's Incident's?


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Hi Mikeloc,

It worked :slight_smile: Cant belive it was so simple. I guess I have to learn whats the difference in ‘this’ and ‘parent’

Many thanks for the help !!!

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