Increase Number in a value

Hey, so i thought this would be simple Value change

Button > Makes a new data entry Then added " + 1" Number to the total number of logged entries by that user

Logged Banns = Current User’s Logged Banns + 1

so the if the user’s “Logged Banns” is say 20 and he/she logs another Bann it would change to 21

I mean i probs did it wrong but hell… thought i’d ask anyway

Based on what you’re sharing here, that looks correct.

i thought the same but the value did not change after logging



My Values

This is a long shot, but try changing “current user” to “this user” as in “change this user’s…”

does not give me an option for “this user”

well that’s weird

ah, I got it…
Don’t use the action “make changes to current user”
use the action “make changes to a thing”, then make the thing “current user”

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yeah that worked idk why i decided to do it from make changes to current user dumb move lol

Edit: But i just noticed that just changes it to 1 if i make a new log it wont change

                    >> jumped the gun there XD
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Lol my bad worked out the issue, :smiley:

@SerPounce lol you helped out again XD

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Glad to help.