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1 for 1 peer feedback for music makers

Last month I launched this app to help music makers get constructive feedback on their tracks. The app is a 1 for 1 feedback exchange system. For every track you give 1 feedback on, you will receive 1 feedback. The more feedback you give, the more you will receive. You can upload a mp3 file or stream directly from your Soundcloud page.

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What did you use to get into app store? How long after you finished bubble did it take to get in?
Just upvoted. Bubble solidarity!

Which app store? It isn’t listed in any app stores since it’s a web platform.

My bad. There was an ad on the right of the page for something else. Still, congratz!

Awesome program, this program remind of me this article if you haven’t read the article before I recommend that you do it will give you lots of ideas to scale the program.