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1 piece of content gets 5 reviews only

Hi all!
I’m building an app to organize my work: I got a team of online workers that reviews content and give summary and caption for it. For 1 piece of content, I need 5 different versions of reviews.
when the worker is logged in and led to a working page, it’ll do a search for videos of which the reviewer doesn’t contain the current user, to avoid re-work over a video. The question is how to I set up my app so that 1 video is limited to have 5 reviews only.

When and how are the reviews being created? If the reviews are created in the front end by the online workers, you can limit the workflows to only create new reviews if the count of reviews is less than 5?

Alternatively, you can use a database trigger for your Video data type to see when the number of reviews goes from 4 to 5 reviews and then update a field in the Video data type called “Accepts New Reviews” of type “Yes/No” and set it to “No”. If it’s possible to delete reviews, you’d want to have a separate database trigger for the opposite scenario.

Hope this helps and guides you in the right direction!

Hi Iregefalk! Thank you for your help! Yes the reviews are made by the workers in the front end. I’m not quite clear about this: how to set a database trigger? I mean where is the entrance, like a workflow or something?

Database triggers are triggered in backend workflows (requires a paid plan) and you can read more about them here and see how you can create one yourself.

If you’re still on a free plan, you can opt for alternative 1, where all the logic sits in the front end of the application.

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