+ 20 database triggers that kick off at once

Hi all,

I set up some backend workflows with a database trigger.
Tests went smooth. But when I tried with 100 rows, it seems that no backend workflow was fired :confused:

I saw this note

Note: If you have more than 20 database triggers that kick off at once, the remaining triggers will be scheduled to protect your app’s infrastructure from consuming too much memory.

source: Trigger Event - Bubble Docs

So my questions are:
1.) Why didn’t the first 20 get processed?
2.) How do I know there are scheduled triggers? Are they displayed somewhere? Don’t see them in Logs > Scheduler


Is your application on a paid? I think you need one for scheduling to work, that might be the problem…

the app is on personal.

I just got this “error” here right now.
I dont know if I just should wait or something wrong happened and would be better to delete the rows and try again.

Did you find where these “schedules” are located?

I just noticed exactly the same issue!

Our whole app runs on database triggers and has done for the past year - I’ve never noticed this (or these docs). Does anyone know if this is a new “feature” or been like this for a while? How can such an important thing be so hidden in these docs - smh

EDIT: The triggers that were “skipped” don’t ever get executed, been waiting over 20 minutes in one test…

Does anyone know any more about this?